E.B.A.D.S. Layout Boat
E.B.A.D.S. Layout Boat
  • E.B.A.D.S. Layout Boat
  • E.B.A.D.S. Layout Boat
  • View of very spacious interior. Note the rear area for drain access
  • Spacious enough for a 6 gallon fuel tank and ammo box under dog deck area
  • Performance unmatched with an Orion 12 HP Kratos Surface Drive
  • EBADS at Four Rivers Conservation Area near Nevada MO
  • Just to show you what the EBADS can handle even though it is rated for 2 persons and 550 lbs.

Introducing the newest model to our line up.

E.B.A.D.S. Layout Boat
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Introducing the newest model to our line up.

This boat exceeds all other layout boats. It is rated for 13 hp and has a weight capacity of 550 lbs. It is 13' 6' long and still 50" wide. It is only 2 inches taller than the Refuge Runner and only 1" taller than the Momarsh DP boat.

This boat has plenty of storage for all your gear and is designed to handle just about any weather condition for a layout boat. With the redesigned hull, it will draft less so you can get thru the shallowest spots with ease. The boat comes with a stainless steel front tow hook and a front rope handle. It also has 2 stainless steel tow hooks on the back, 1 on each pod. These can be used to tow other boats or sleds or to secure your E.B.A.D.S. to your trailer. It also comes with a hardware pack containing 4 cleats and 6 eye hooks and mounting hardware. You install these items yourself wherever you want them on the boat.

The finished boat before additional options is weighing in around 180 lbs. But don't let this weight fool you, this boat goes places where the Refuge Runner and the Momarsh DP dream about going, with or without a motor!

We will also be planning some DEMO days to try out the new boat with up to 13 hp Surface Drives, Long Tail and Outboards.

Also join our mailing list so will find out as soon as new info is available.

Product Features: 
  • Overall Length 13 feet 6 inches

  • Overall Width 4 feet 2 inches

  • Overall Height 1 foot 4.5 inches

  • Approximate weight 180 lbs.

  • 13 HP Rated

  • Weight Capacity 550 lbs

  • Cockpit Opening 27" wide x 84" long

Shipping Dimensions: 
169 × 17 × 50 in
Shipping Weight: 
230 lb


David Warren's picture

I have two of these boats on my trailer. One has a 12 HP Orion surface drive and the other has a 9 HP Orion long tail. I have used these boats all year and they will more than exceed your expectations. I generally carry 3 dozen decoys, two mojo ducks, a blind bag, a gun, a dog, push pole, and spot lights.
This boat will run very shallow and will take the abuse of a duck marsh with no problem. I have hunted timber, flooded corn, flooded millet, and any other vegetation you can dream of finding ducks in and this boat has been great.
On Monday Dec 24th we hunted Grand Pass and busted 2-3 inches of ice with these boats then on Wed. Dec 26th we hunted Four rivers and once again busted over 2" of ice and never put a hole in the boat in fact we did not even scratch the boats and I was running the 12 HP motor wide open to gain additional force to make up for lack of weight.
Very impressed with storage room and boat performance and practicality.
Four Rivers has revolutionized layout hunting with this boat.

"You can kill your ducks when you can get to where they are working at"

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Jason Schlesinger's picture

The best boat on the market hands down. Best customer service in the industry. With this boat I've been able to hunt places I never have been able to hunt before.

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AKWaterfowler's picture

Tom is a class A+ act in customer satisfaction. I have been dealing with him over the last few months in designing some additions to my new EBADS. I have not even seen the boat yet, but will tell you he will go the extra mile to assist you in making sure what you order is the best duckhunting boat on the market. Great guy and great service..hands down quality workmanship.
I look forward to putting it to the test in Alaska with the 12hp Copperhead on the back!
Thanks Tom

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Timothy Fronk's picture

I was originally going to get a surface drive for the jon boat.  Just ordered one for me and one for my son.  Will be picking up in Ohio.  Need to get a trailer for them. This will get us where the jon boat can't go.

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